Will my prescriptions cost more at Perrone Pharmacy?

No. If you have pharmacy benefit insurance, your co-pay is the same at our pharmacy as it is at any chain. If your insurance does not cover a particular medication or if you pay cash for your prescriptions, we are always competitive in our pricing.

Do you accept insurance on compounded prescriptions?

We accept most all major insurance plans for compounded prescriptions. Our cash pricing on our compounds is competitive with other compounding pharmacies. Call today for information.

How do I transfer my prescriptions to Perrone Pharmacy?

All it takes is a phone call. We will need your vital information and your current pharmacy’s name, phone number and location, together with a list of your RX numbers for that pharmacy. After that, we do the rest!

What is the difference between a big box store with a pharmacy and your independently-owned pharmacy?

A big box store has many streams of revenue: they may sell groceries, appliances, sports gear, beach balls, with a pharmacy sandwiched somewhere in-between. At Perrone Pharmacy, we offer only those professional services and products which directly relate to your health and well-being. This means our staff is trained to meet your medication and health needs.

We can also better meet your medication emergencies due to our large inventory of hard-to-find medications on hand, our delivery service and our excellent relations with local health care providers. We have six decades of trust built right here in our community.

We also have eight experienced pharmacists on staff, with over 180 years of combined professional experience. Our diverse team has experience in nutrition and wellness, kinesiology, physical therapy, diabetic supplies and footwear, home health equipment and medication therapy management.

Do you really deliver my prescriptions at no charge?

Yes, with certain guidelines: your home or place of work is within a fifteen-mile radius of the store. Our drivers have delivery routes so you will need to call in your refills at least 24 hours before you run out of medicine. If your physician must authorize additional refills or your insurance company requires a pre-authorization for the medication in question, it will take at least three (3) business days to obtain the authorization before your delivery can be scheduled.

You must be at your home or place of business to sign for your or your family member’s medication. If we deliver to your workplace, you will need to immediately meet the driver at an easily accessible location so that it does not delay his route. We will call you to give you an estimated arrival time so you are not inconvenienced.

We also ask our patients to be mindful of the cost of this service and to work with us to batch multiple prescriptions for a single delivery, when possible. We do not deliver over-the-counter medications unless they are accompanied by a prescription order or the total order exceeds $25.00.